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Map keys <--> set compatibility

A map's key collection is a set and should be treatable as such. Currently (AFAIK) you must get the keys from the map like so:

let keys = Map.toSeq >> Seq.map fst

then create a set from the (k,v) seq:

let set1 = keys map1 |> Set.ofSeq

and then perform your set operation:

let common = Set.intersect set1 set2

This involves creating a temporary collection and a new set.

There are several ways to improve things:

(1) Provide a Map.toKeySet & Set.ofMapKeys functions that will directly and efficiently create a new set from the Map's keys. This is straightforward and should be done, but will create a new set, which may not always be warranted.

(2) Provide a functions that treat the Map's key as a set, exposing some/all of the set operations - at least intersect/difference.
For example: Map.keySetIntersect & Map.keysetDifference, or using a nested name Map.keySet.intersect, etc.

(3) Provide set-like functions that work on Maps and produce new Maps. Map.difference and Map.intersect. (Note map intersect would be Map<k,v> -> Map<k,v> -> Map<k,v*v> )

Each of these has it's own use case.

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