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Code clarity: Dot notation for casting objects to interfaces

I suggest introducing the dot notation syntax for casting an object to an interface.
It would be great to write, for example:

this.InterfaceName.methodName(param1, param2, ..., paramN)

myObject.InterfaceName.methodName(param1, ..., paramN)

instead of:

(this :> InterfaceName).methodName(param1, param2, ..., paramN)

(myObject :> InterfaceName).methodName(param1, ..., paramN)

I think the use of one symbol "." instead of four symbols "(", ":", ">", ")" to convey the same idea can improve F# code clarity.
The syntax suggested would be especially useful in the body of methods of classes that implement multiple interfaces.

P.S. My suggestion does not mean a breaking change in the F# language. I think the existing syntax and the dot notation syntax for casts to interfaces can be used interchangeably.

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