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Compiler directive for environment variables

It would be nice to have a compiler directive for environment variables which can be used in string literals.
This way we can pass different parameters to type providers on a build server.

let ConnectionString = #env "MY_DB_CONNECTIONSTRING"
let cmd = new SqlCommandProvider<"...", ConnectionString>()

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  • Gauthier Segay commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Alexey, your example would cause "This is not a valid constant expression." error.

    Lenne, do you mean the value to be substituted at compile time? (I guess yes as it is a compiler directive).

    I'm not sure I see value in this, is there prior art (any other compiler does that?)

    I generally move those type of strings in a separate module, and can consider generating this module file as a preliminary build step.

    Also, I think this can be addressed by a type provider altogether, maybe you should consider this instead?

  • Alexei Odeychuk commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Lenne, what's wrong with already-existing .NET built-in Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable method (from namespace System)?

    You can use a .NET built-in method instead of the #env syntax suggested. The name of the built-in method would make your code more readable.

    Code example:

    open System

    let ConnectionString = Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("MY_DB_CONNECTIONSTRING")

    let cmd = new SqlCommandProvider<"...", ConnectionString>()

    Please see for more details:
    Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable Method (String)

    Hope it helps.

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