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Support FSharpType and FSharpValue methods on all profiles

The following functions are missing from FSharp.Core reflection support for Profile78, 259 and .NET Core. This is because the “BindingFlags” type is not available in those profiles.

type FSharpValue =
static member MakeRecord: recordType:Type * values:obj [] * ?bindingFlags:BindingFlags -> obj
static member GetRecordFields: record:obj * ?bindingFlags:BindingFlags -> obj[]
static member PreComputeRecordReader : recordType:Type * ?bindingFlags:BindingFlags -> (obj -> obj[])
static member PreComputeRecordConstructor : recordType:Type * ?bindingFlags:BindingFlags -> (obj[] -> obj)
static member PreComputeRecordConstructorInfo: recordType:Type * ?bindingFlags:BindingFlags -> ConstructorInfo
static member MakeUnion: unionCase:UnionCaseInfo * args:obj [] * ?bindingFlags:BindingFlags -> obj
static member GetUnionFields: value:obj * unionType:Type * ?bindingFlags:BindingFlags -> UnionCaseInfo * obj []
static member PreComputeUnionTagReader : unionType:Type * ?bindingFlags:BindingFlags -> (obj -> int)
static member PreComputeUnionTagMemberInfo : unionType:Type * ?bindingFlags:BindingFlags -> MemberInfo
static member PreComputeUnionReader : unionCase:UnionCaseInfo * ?bindingFlags:BindingFlags -> (obj -> obj[])
static member PreComputeUnionConstructor : unionCase:UnionCaseInfo * ?bindingFlags:BindingFlags -> (obj[] -> obj)
static member PreComputeUnionConstructorInfo: unionCase:UnionCaseInfo * ?bindingFlags:BindingFlags -> MethodInfo
static member GetExceptionFields: exn:obj * ?bindingFlags:BindingFlags -> obj[]

type FSharpType =
static member GetRecordFields: recordType:Type * ?bindingFlags:BindingFlags -> PropertyInfo[]
static member GetUnionCases: unionType:Type * ?bindingFlags:BindingFlags -> UnionCaseInfo[]
static member IsRecord: typ:Type * ?bindingFlags:BindingFlags -> bool
static member IsUnion: typ:Type * ?bindingFlags:BindingFlags -> bool
static member GetExceptionFields: exceptionType:Type * ?bindingFlags:BindingFlags -> PropertyInfo[]
static member IsExceptionRepresentation: exceptionType:Type * ?bindingFlags:BindingFlags -> bool

These functions are really part of the basic F# programming model. This is a frustrating problem because the “BindingFlags” is really only used to supportBindingFlags.NonPublic, and could always just as well have been a Boolean flag.

I believe we should really make alternative versions of these available, especially on .NET Core but also on the portable profiles.

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