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Allow specifying subset of type arguments explicitly

Say we have a generic type Frame<TRow, TColumn>. When using instance methods of the frame, it is possible to write a generic method that takes a single additional type parameter - for example, to get a column as a specific type:


However, doing the same thing using module and function is not possible, because the corresponding `getCol` function requires three type arguments (TRow, TCol and the additional one):

frame |> Frame.getCol<_, _, float> "Value"

It would be nice if F# had some mechanism that would allow specifying only subset of the type parameters. For example:

let getCol<[<RequiresExplicitTypeArguments>] 'T, 'TCol, 'TRow> frame = (...)

And then I could write just:

frame |> Frame.getCol<float> "Value"

Interestingly, this is also problem for extension methods. When you define a C#-style extension method for a generic type like frame, it also has three type arguments and it is impossible to call it with just a single type argument.

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Tomas Petricek shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

Updating to planned to indicate this is approved in general terms. A detailed design and implementation would be needed.

Implementations of approved language design can now be submitted as pull requests to the appropriate branch of http://github.com/Microsoft/visualfsharp. See http://fsharp.github.io/2014/06/18/fsharp-contributions.html for information on contributing to the F# language and core library.

Don Syme, F# Language and Core Library Evolution


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  • Gusty commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    For completeness it will be nice to allow to use the underscores in the declaration as well.

    let func<_> = ()

    Currently this is allowed: let func< 'T, .. > = ()

    So, this should be allowed too: let func< .. > = ()

  • Don Syme commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Having seen the impact this problem has on Deedle, I'm in favour of addressing it for F# 4.0. I will mark it "approved" (using the label "planned") as a result, though the details need to be worked out.

    Another possible declaration syntax is this:

    let getCol< 'T, 'TCol, [<OptionalArgument>] 'TRow > frame = ()

    or this

    let getCol< 'T, 'TCol, 'TRow? > frame = ()

    The former has the downside that it could only be used with an updated FSharp.Core since the Microsoft.FSharp.Core.OptionalAttribute would need to be updated with a flag to say it's permissible to use the attribute here (or the F# 4.0 compiler would need to be adjusted to allow the use of this attribute even if the flag has not been updated, e.g. when using FSharp.Core with F# 4.0 compiler)

    We should also now consider what the precise language/spec rules should be. Please list questions to be addressed below.

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