1. Consider implementing static mixins to make the functional style more convenient in F#  ·  declined

  2. Nonconstant arguments for type providers  ·  declined

  3. F# interactive could support saving and loading its state to/from a file  ·  declined

  4. An attribute enforcing usage (in F# code) of named parameters at callsite

  5. Revert back to an accepted feature the delayed implementation of interfaces  ·  declined

  6. Have TypeProviderConfig.IsHostedExecution = true for type providers instantiated in *.fsx files

  7. create a standard free open source comprehensive machine learning library  ·  declined

  8. Provided Record Types  ·  declined

  9. Implement Option.ofNullable, Option.toNullable  ·  completed

  10. Add support for Edit and Continue  ·  declined

  11. Add (binary) search function to Map and Set

  12. add distributed arrays  ·  declined

  13. Make F# quotations and FSharp.Reflection usable with mscorlib and FSharp.Core for other target profiles  ·  completed

  14. Allow implicit quotation of expressions used as a method arguments  ·  completed

  15. Allow provided types to be non-nullable by specifying AllowNullLiteralAttribute(false)  ·  completed

  16. Make F# union types like "list" that have no subtypes 'sealed'  ·  planned

  17. Intellisense in F# Interactive  ·  declined

  18. Weight code translation complexity  ·  declined

  19. Allow record-like {obj with newvals...} syntax for arbitrary classes  ·  declined

  20. Add System.Collections.ICollection implementations to F# list/set/map  ·  planned

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